Using Expert's Advice for Writing a Literary Essay Example

Every student should be familiar with a literary essay. This is the most common type of essay that students learn to write, because it is so often that English and Literature are taught in the same class. It is very natural to combine the two, and this is where the literary essay comes from. The literary essay is quite a formal type of affair, and it is useful for everyone if they take the time to write them properly. This form of essay greatly benefits from help, be it from a teacher, a professional, or any expert really.

Expert advice is really useful when writing a literary essay because a lot of literature repeats similar themes and ideas. There are standards for literature, so you might not see things that someone who is well versed in the type of novel you are writing about might be able to see. They know certain types of motifs, symbolism, and so forth that are repeated often, and can often help you understand extra textual events and information that you may have been unaware of. For this reason, it is important to seek out someone who really knows what they are doing.

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Literary essays are often about characters. You will find that all art is about people and emotions, at the core of it. Most of the time, there are rich topics that should be explored. What you should really look for are character motivations. Why do characters do certain things? What made them this way? Who is trustworthy? Often many characters, especially if they are the narrator, are untrustworthy or have bad self-awareness. Noting all these things will help you understand why exactly the story is the way it is. This is the sort of thing that you should look at to bring your closer to an understanding of the why of a story, as in why do things happen the way they do, and how does the Author create a justification of these events.

The other things you want to focus on are the elements of style. Think about imagery and symbols. If there is an emotional undercurrent to a story, identify what emotions the author is making you feel and how the accomplish this. Also, focus on why the author would want to make you feel that way. What else is going on? What kind of commentary does the book have on the society that produced it and its author? This is how you look at literature and be successful.

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