Tips to Make Algebra Homework Fun: Learning Games and Memorizing Hints

Algebra is a branch of math that a lot of students dread. Since when can you add a letter to a number to get a number anyways? The name itself sounds pretty intimidating. The problems look even more intimidating. However, if you find a way to make it fun, the homework becomes a lot less intimidating. Like with any other subject, algebra is only difficult until you grasp the main concepts. There are little tips that you can use to make the concepts easier to grasp and therefore homework easier for the student or yourself.

Through the use of learning games and the memorization of hints, algebra will be a more enjoyable experience. Here are some great hits to help you get through algebra with less stress.

  1. Don’t panic. When you see a letter in the equation, just get the letter by itself or on one side of the equal sign. You are ideally solving for that letter, so you just have to get it by itself and you have your answer.
  2. Ask yourself a simple question to help you understand the problem. For example if you have x + 2= 11, you can look at it like how many more sodas would you need for a party of eleven if you already had two. That makes the equation seem a lot easier because you would need 9 more so x is 9.
  3. Remember if you perform the same functions to both sides it isn’t changing the equation. For example, if you are solving this equation 3x + 2 = 11, you would subtract 2 from each side to get 3x=9. Then you can divide both sides by 3 and get x=3.

These are some very basic tips to memorize that will help you complete your algebra homework. There are a lot of cool games that you can check out online that will help you work through algebraic equations. A lot of them are free and can be used to make learning algebra fun. They may require that you sign up using your e-mail address but many are free to use.

When you make homework fun, it isn’t such a chore. It ends up being pretty easy. If you just stay calm and take your time making sure that you apply the same changes to both sides, you will master algebra in no time.

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