Hidden places to look for free English homework help

Many of the places you can find help with your homework, like your English, are out in the open. As they say, the best places to hide something are in the open. So by looking around and checking around there are places to find help.

Libraries and Community Centres

Public Libraries and Community Centres many times have homework help groups. These are usually made up of retired teachers, and well-educated people. Each of them have particular specialties that they work in. In so that every subject is covered, including your English. These are usually free, and done as a community service, thus open to everyone.

After School Programs

Many schools run an after-school program. These are usually either in classrooms, or through the internet, or both. These programs are where teachers can give more one on one help to students than what they can during school. For the student having the occasional problem, to the student struggling these can be of great help. They are usually two to three times a week, but during those days, the students will receive good help.


So often students think the instructor is off-limits, but they are there to help the student. Most of the time all they want to see is that the student is trying. In that they know they are not throwing their time away. And if an instructor is seeing you are trying. And if in the short time they can help between classes, if the issue is more, they may recommend something. The instructors are there to help you, use them.


There are many places that advertise their services online, even free services. Most of these services we have talked about can be found online. Schools sometimes post ads in different places for the students to find. This way they can let the students and parents know they have these services. Libraries and Community Centres will also have postings on their sites about these services if they offer them. As will other places post these advertisements for paid and free services.

Children/teen/student magazines

Another good place to find where services are offered, and who offers them, is in magazines for the kids and students. It is not unusual to find ads posted about these services in them. Some of the magazines even do community service posts. Where they let the free services have small ads without charge.

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