Why Most Children Have Problems with Their Geometry Homework

Geometry is often one of the easier to intuit aspects of mathematics. Shapes are visible to us and can easily be understood yet some children will continue to have issues with the subject and any related homework. Most of those children can trace their problems back to one or more of the following:

Incomplete foundation in Mathematics

For children who have had problems at all the preceding levels of mathematics, geometry may seem all the more difficult. They will lack al the supporting knowledge that would have opened doors for them in the subject. Where this is the problem, revision can be used to fill in knowledge gaps and bring the child up to speed.

Undiagnosed learning disabilities

Learning disabilities aren’t always easy to spot. Parents may never suspect that their bright, active and socially adventurous child has a particularly difficult time with math because of one. Dyslexia is often spoken about but its math based counterpart, Dyscalcula, is very often forgotten. Added to this, ADD and ADHD can make focusing on geometry difficult especially if the child doesn’t feel particularly drawn to the subject anyway.

Poor teaching

A bad teacher can suck all the joy out of a subject. This can make it difficult even for neurotypical children with the best of intentions to stay focused or remain interested. This can be intensified when a teacher is not merely incompetent but verbally abusive. While some schools have methods to weed out these bad apples, many do not and in cases where your child attends such a school, the difficulty he or she has in completing geometry homework may actually be a sign of something more.


Many people fear math and all things related to it. This is irrational. Math might just be the simplest of subjects because once the rules are followed, the answer will always be right. There is no interpretation. The rumors abound, however, that math is hard and only smart people can do it so many children enter school prejudiced against math. The walls they build in their own minds can make it hard to see the simplicity in geometry and they may need the help of study groups, tutors and or patient teachers to breach those defenses.

Thankfully, many people have surpassed one or more of these problems and gone on to succeed at geometry and complete their homework with ease.

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