Searching for Free Tutorials on How to Do Introductory Physics Homework

When you are struggling to complete your physics homework there are many options at your disposal. You can find help with physics homework through:

Office Hours

Office hours are a great thing in theory. The idea is that each teacher has a set number of hours (about three per week) during which time they are available for students to stop by and ask questions or seek extra help or talk about a homework assignment. These hours stay the same so students know at any given time when they can visit the teacher. It serves as an additional resource on the off chance that you perhaps did not have enough time during the lecture to get your question answered.

However: there are times when the question you have needs to be answered sooner than the next available set of office hours. Sometimes a class is just too large for you to even find space during office hours to meet with your teacher and discuss something at length. Perhaps you go to office hours but you find that there is a line of students asking more precise questions or vague questions that don’t really help you. Or there are times when even office hours do not suffice in explaining the concepts that you are struggling with. But that is where the next source comes into play...

Educational websites

Educational websites can give students additional explanations beyond the scope of the classroom or office hours. Many websites have virtual classroom settings or chat features where students gain access to the same concepts taught in a variety of ways. Some sites have videos or cartoons or even images and text to better explain the lessons you might be learning in your physics class. That being said…

Free tutorials

Free tutorials are a great way to really comprehend those difficult physics concepts. Free tutorials on educational websites can go above and beyond office hours and the concepts you are presented with in class. If you are out sick or you just didn’t quite hear something in class you can turn to a free tutorial online and fill in the areas that you are missing. You can review lessons you already learned to double check that you understood them. You can test some practice problems to make extra sure that you have a thorough grasp of the materials before you move on to the next section.

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