How To Handle First Grade Homework: 7 Good Tips

Homework has been around as long as schools have. A lot of study and research were conducted about home assignments given to children, especially kids. Assigning more homework to kids may ruin their family time, extra-curricular activities and relaxation. It also increases conflict over scheduling and completing the increasing number of works. So parents should play a role in helping the kids to finish their assignments. Helping kids doesn’t mean that parents should do the work of the kid; instead they should assist the kids.

Importance of home assignments

Home assignments are very important for students, especially the first graders as this is their age for acquiring basic knowledge. Home assignments help students to keep track of their lessons taught in the class. Teachers make use of this opportunity to evaluate the performance of the kid. Hence, it is extremely important to get in the habit of doing home assignments on right time.

Tips for reducing homework hassles of kids

Parents should work together with the children to develop a habit in them in doing home assignments. Here are some simple tips which may help you kid to crack his tough nut.

  1. Find a location in the house, where the kid can do his home assignment, regularly. The location should be away from the hub of family noise.
  2. Set up a homework centre at the location you found for the child. Make sure that this centre has enough workplace to keep all necessary equipments for the kids.
  3. Establish a regular time to do home assignments. Your child should get the habit to do his works at the same time every day.
  4. Make a timetable for each subject and do home assignments of those subjects in the scheduled time.
  5. Set a goal for the child, so that he can work according to the goal.
  6. Involve elder siblings to help do the homework with the kids. The involvement of elder siblings will definitely help the younger kids.
  7. Try to reward the kids for finishing their home assignments. The rewards can be some chocolates, allowing them to watch cartoons, giving them play time or any other small gift which makes them happy.

Never punish your kids for not doing their homework. Parents have to realize that the kid sees homework as a waste of time. There will be many problems for them in schools too. Hence the parents should be the first teacher of the kid and help them in doing their assignments.

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