Should Kids Get Homework In Schools?

Education is supposed to help the student explore their talent and then polish them to perfection. Homework does not do that. It is a common perception that homework helps the kids practice all that they have studied during the class hours but is it really? Frankly, the highest rate of cheating occurs in the home assigned tasks where there is minimum amount of supervision.

Very few kids would do their homework on their own whereas the majority would copy the work of someone else or have someone else do it for them. Kid need to build their mental and physical strengths in their area of interest. The problem is not entirely with the concept of homework. It is only the common idea of homework, which is a written home task, which the kids have to do by a specific time and day. Homework is usually written and requires the kids to spend most of their time in isolation. This means they need to write without having the bit of interaction with the outer world let alone their families.

If homework can take shape of a practical work a=in which the kids have to get out of their comfort zone in order to explore the various branches which is related to their area of interest then surely kids will be able to enjoy doing their homework . In addition, in this kind of work, minimum chances of cheating will occur because this would require to doing the work practically rather than writing down the work done by someone else.

Homework should be able to strengthen the child and make them feel at the end of the day that they have surely learnt something. Honestly speaking has homework ever done that to you. Do you find yourself at the end of all your work exhausted and fed up and you just have no idea what you just did? Well all this can change if the homework type can change. It would even be better if such practical work assignments were done during the school hours. This would help the kids in maintaining their social life. The families will be able to give each other time and be a part of all the other activities that they would have pending.

What you write is not that important until and unless you have the ultimate level of understanding that, you can practically do it. Writing is just like speaking. It is only good if you have to motivate someone but if you want to learn then it is important that you act on everything that you learn.

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