Obesity in America

It is a proven fact that Americans have more trouble with obesity that the rest of the world. Americans run close to 5% heavier on an average than the rest of the world and we have 20% more obesity in America. This statistics are quite alarming, but they can be corrected. There are several reasons for this statistic on obesity in America. Americans exercise and walk less, they eat more junk and fast food, and they eat larger portions of food.

Americans are more likely to hop in their car and drive somewhere than they are to walk to that location. If Americans were inclined and able to walk to more locations, such as the French, then the exercise program would be a part of each day. If you walk to work, play, and church, on a daily basis, you will be healthier.

Americans are more inclined to order junk and fast food than the rest of the world. There are more fast food locations in American per mile than in any other part of the world. While fast food may be speedy, the high calories and low nutritional values are trouble. Americans, due to their rushed lifestyle, often reach for packages meals as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be more of an option for Americans if they want to decrease their rate of obesity. They need to reach for more carrots and less French fries in order to be healthier.

Americans use plates that are larger sized than most of the rest of the world. The average sized plate in Paris, France is comparable to a salad plate. It has been shown that the portions and meal sizes that Americans ingest are much larger than what is recommended daily. Smaller meal portions will result in a decrease in obesity in America and are a must.

A society that leans toward junk food, is less inclined to walk or exercise, and has large meal portions will suffer from obesity. The good news is that these problems can be solved. Educational and nutritional programs need to be introduced to inform people as to how they should eat and what they should eat. Once people are educated and learn to walk more, eat less junk and fast food, and decrease portions, then and only then will obesity in America begin to decline. Obesity in America can and must be stopped.

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